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CESSDA Projects

CESSDA and its Service Providers take part in a number of strategic projects of relevance to its vision and mission.

  • TITLE: EURHISFIRM (Historical high-quality company-level data for Europe)
  • CONSORTIUM: 12 Beneficiaries
  • CESSDA ROLE: Beneficiary
  • DURATION: 2018 - 2021
  • BUDGET: EUR 3 385 610
  • AGREEMENT: 777489

EURHISFIRM will design a world-class research infrastructure (RI) to connect, collect, collate, align, and share detailed, reliable, and standardised long-term company-level data for Europe to enable researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders to analyse, develop, and evaluate effective strategies to promote investment and economic growth. To achieve this goal, EURHISFIRM develops innovative tools to spark a “big data revolution” in the historical social sciences and to open...