The Generations and Gender Programme Preparatory Phase Project

CONSORTIUM: 15 Beneficiaries
CESSDA ROLE: Beneficiary
DURATION: 2022 – 2026
BUDGET: EUR 2 999 997
AGREEMENT NO. 101079357

The Generations and Gender Programme (GGP) is an interdisciplinary research infrastructure on population and family dynamics. It collects, processes and disseminates cross-nationally comparable longitudinal data on young adults, families, generational exchanges, and the life courses of women and men.

It is the only Research Infrastructure (RI) focused on answering the key scientific and societal challenges related to the causes consequences of demographic changes.

The main objective of the GGP-5D project is to enhance the long-term sustainability of the RI with a view towards establishing it as a permanent one with its own legal entity.

To achieve this, the GGP-5D project will work on enhancing five dimensions:

  1. Technical excellence
  2. Scientific and socio-economic impact and engagement
  3. Financial sustainability
  4. Legal frameworks
  5. Positioning in the landscape of RIs.

Together these five dimensions are expected to contribute to the excellence and attractiveness of the European Research Area in the field of population studies, to provide a solid ground for investment in the GGP, and to result in a well-functioning ecosystem of social sciences RIs.