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Research Infrastructure Training Plus

Research Infrastructures (RI) are standing pillars for excellence in science and a vital element for the realisation of the European Union as a knowledge-based society.

Together with Core Facilities (CF) – existing in many universities, academic research centres and national nodes of distributed RI – RI are also major actors in the implementation of the EU Open Science and Open Innovation strategy and a major factor for its success.

As RI and CF increase in importance, questions about how to organise, maintain, manage and finance them have become a major topic for funding and research organisations.

This proposal brings together, for the first time, RI, CF and European universities, in a new innovative concept to transform the access and empowerment of human resources for national and international scientific facilities in Europe.

The overarching goal of RItrainPlus is to design and deliver a training programme to fulfill the competency requirements for the current and future managers of European RI and CF.

CESSDA's involvement

CESSDA has three Service Providers participating in the project:

  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Social Science Data Archives (ADP)
  • Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences (FORS)
  • Johannes Kepler University Linz (AUSSDA-UL).

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