Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

CESSDA SaW Benefits Factsheet

Description: The Benefits Factsheet sets out key approaches you can use to think about and identify benefits from your data archive for different stakeholders; some of the main arguments for benefits and the evidence for them; and finally, potential metrics and case studies for benefits. The main focus is on cost-benefit and economic approaches which should be seen as complementary to other measures of benefits such as citations to data and services in the academic literature. It is intended to be used with other components of the CESSDA Saw Cost-Benefit Advocacy Toolkit to help you understand the approaches and tools available and to support your advocacy to funders and policymakers.

Creator: Charles Beagrie Ltd

DOI: 10.18448/16.0004

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported (CC-BY)

Download: CESSDA SaW Benefits Factsheet (PDF, 1 MB)

Related works: This publication is part of the CESSDA SaW Cost-Benefit Advocacy Toolkit.