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OAIS model

Many data archives follow the Open Archival Information System model (OAIS) as a conceptual framework. As the models’ structure is generic and does not provide any direct guiding for its implementation, it can be used by various sorts of repositories or data archives. The primary aim of the model is to provide a broad understanding of actions necessary for the long-term preservation and accessibility of data.

The tutorials follow the OAIS model (as the standard theoretical framework in this field) in general and more specifically its concept of information packages. To ensure practical applicability both tutorials includes best-practice elements from partner institutions.

By focusing on the so-called submission information package (SIP), tutorial ingest, provides an overview of relevant steps to be taken by archives in the process of taking over research data to ensure long-term archivability (producer centered workflow). The tutorial access and dissemination describes the archives’ tasks to ensure long-term accessibility of research data focusing on the dissemination information package (DIP) (consumer centered workflow).

Relevant aspects of archival storage are mentioned briefly but are beyond the scope of the tutorials; though following the OAIS model data curation is to be understood as a process, its steps do not function independently. Therefore, both tutorials strongly relate to each other. They illustrate the roles and responsibilities of data archives on the one hand, as well as those of data producers and data re-users on the other. To highlight their interdependence, both tutorials are structured similarly. They include a number of links to training materials provided by CESSDA members and external sources to allow profound insights into the topics.


The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems: OAIS model, full text (pdf)

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University of Liverpool: Introduction to the Reference Model for an OAIS (slides)

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