Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

CESSDA Work Plans

CESSDA operates on the basis of yearly work plans, which are made up of a number of tasks. Each task is led by one Service Provider and involves a number of other Service Providers. Engagement is based on expertise, capacity and availability. Four Work Plans have been adopted since 2014: WP2015 WP2016, WP2017, and WP2018, which was adopted by the CESSDA ERIC General Assembly on 15 June 2017, and which will start in January 2018. All tasks fit with the three strategic and development pillars of CESSDA: technology, training and trust.


  • Enhanced Data Management Training
  • DataverseEU 2018
  • Implementing the CESSDA Persistent Identifier Policy
  • Euro Question Bank 2018
  • Trust 2018
  • Data Catalogue
  • Technical Framework 2018
  • Vocabulary Services Multilingual Content Management
  • CESSDA Widening Activities 2018


  • Controlled Vocabularies (CV) Manager
  • CESSDA Expert Seminar 2017
  • CESSDA Product and Services Catalogue phase 2
  • CESSDA Metadata Management phase 2
  • CESSDA Technical Framework phase 3
  • CESSDA PID Policy
  • Data Discovery Workshops
  • Collaborative data management module for comparative social science researchers
  • Euro Question Bank phase 3
  • Trust 2017 activities


  • CESSDA Product and Service Catalogue phase 1
  • CESSDA Technical Framework phase 2
  • CESSDA Expert Seminar 2016
  • Training modules for "Data Discovery"
  • Euro Question Bank phase 2
  • Develop and establish the CESSDA PID Policy for the data registration and service/persistent identifiers within CESSDA


  • CESSDA Technical Framework phase 1
  • Open Source Metadata Harvester
  • CESSDA Data Access Policy
  • CESSDA Expert Seminar 2015
  • CESSDA Metadata Management phase 1