Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

Portuguese Social Information Archive - APIS



The Portuguese Social Information Archive, APIS, is a scientific infrastructure in the field of Social Sciences that results from a joint bid (PTDC/CS-SOC/109035/2008) comprising (ICS proposer institution), the CES, the CIES, the CESnova and CEG (participating institutions).

The Portuguese Social Information Archive is a digital archiving system and data dissemination in Social Sciences, based at the Institute of Social Sciences, ICS. The APIS allows consultation and online survey of a vast body of social information produced in Portugal, which so far is dispersed.

The main objective of the APIS is to increase the use of social research data, existing and future, to proceed with the raising, accurate processing and dissemination of the databases, following quality standards to allow that the public consultation, secondary analysis or its pedagogical use are made in an easy and safe way.