Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

The Croatian Data Archive Services for the Social Sciences

The Croatian Data Archive Services for the Social Sciences will be the national infrastructure public service whose role is to ensure long-term preservation and dissemination of social science research data. The data archive should be established as a unit within a larger existing organisation, where the data services should be available to the whole community, national and international. The host institution should be FFZG - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. A key stakeholder will be the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education and the main partner should be the University of Zagreb University Computing Centre.

The data service will curate social science research data produced by researchers and research organisations. The primary focus is on quantitative data in the disciplines of sociology, psychology, education science, information science, political science, and economics. Other disciplines can be included as well, as long as they produce data by using social science methodologies and cover societal and economic issues. The data service will also collect qualitative data by careful selection and with consideration for available resources (e.g. it will not handle time-consuming qualitative data management if quantitative data is still waiting to be processed).

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